• Machine designed to process a wide variety of products: thick chopped, pâté “foie gras”, fine pastes and emulsions with high cutting speeds that break them eat protein. Also can be joined pieces of meat, mushrooms, olives, cheese or any other whole product by using slow speeds without interrupting the mixing cycle. To achieve good rind emulsion, it is necessary to provide the machine with high r.p.m.
  • Castellvall Cutter with a more powerful motor at electronically varied speed to prepare emulsions.
  • Separate electrical panel with incorporated electronical frecuency variator.
  • Electrical emergency STOP and anti-noise cover (Compulsory CE).
  • Membrane control panel and digital displays.
  • Counter of revolutions and electronic thermometer.
  • 6 cutting speeds (until the maximum indicated speed).
  • 2 inverse mixing speeds (150 and 350 rpm).
  • Programme of one elaboration cycle (based on a number of revolutions of the trough or on temperature).
  • Hydraulic unloader.
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    • To assure a slow-speed reverse mixing this machine don’t needs a third motor and a system of pulleys and belts (as in usual solutions), what clearly involve mechanical problems which require service.
    • Maintenance free elements – AC motors, of altern current and, electronical frequency variators – contrary to DC motors that require servicing on a regular basis.
    • Absorption peaks of electric consumption and consequent energy saving.